Egoli Gas Regulated trades natural gas and methane rich gas outside of the Egoli Gas Reticulated license (Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area) to manufacturers.


Egoli Gas Regulated has a NERSA trading license for GAUTENG and KZN.  We develop opportunities on existing Natural Gas pipelines within South Africa.


The Maximum Price has been approved by The National Energy Regulator (NERSA).


Natural gas is piped by SASOL from on-shore gas fields from Temane, Mozambique by means of an 864 km pipeline (26” diameter) to Secunda at 124 bar.


From Secunda the pressure is stepped down and natural gas is odourised, entering the Gauteng network at Nigel.


Methane rich gas is produced in Secunda and piped to Richards Bay and then down to Durban South.


Gauteng Trading License:


KZN Trading License:

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