Blow the horn and report on… Theft Bribery Fraud Dishonesty Corruption Harassment Intimidation Blackmail
What should I report to Tip-offs Anonymous? The following examples apply:
Any wrong doing: - Theft, fraud, crime syndicate activities - Abuse of company vehicles - Illegal gas connections Not obeying the law: - Alcohol and substance abuse at work
Highly sensitive issues: - Sexual harassment, nepotism, racism and favoritism (provided internal procedures have been followed)
Abuse of company property and equipment: - Making prolonged personal calls on the company’s telephone account - Use of the internet, fax machine and company equipment to run your own business
Collusion with external & internal parties: - Backhanding
Theft of time: - Playing computer games in the company times - Abuse of IT equipment and infrastructure - Extended lunches
Bribery and corruption: - A supplier offers a kickback to the employee to gain the tender
What you should NOT be reported: - Petty arguments amongst staff - Personality clashes - Salary complaints
Remember You can remain anonymous You can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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