Natural Gas is an environmentally-friendly fossil fuel extracted from decomposed plant and animal matter found in rock, deep in the earth.  Natural Gas is the earth’s naturally produced combustible gas and is an effective and efficient energy resource.


Egoli Gas reticulates natural gas directly to your premises via an established, safe, 1200km gas network in the Johannesburg area.  We have been efficiently reticulating gas since 1892 to the domestic, central water, multi-dwellings, hospitality and industrial markets.


Natural gas is cost effective, environmentally friendly, instant and safe when used according to specifications.


• Our gas does not “run-out”

• No bulky bottles and tanks

• No delivery problems, no shortages and no discrepancies in quality

• No logistic constraints as there are no storage tanks, pick up, ordering or transportation requirements as natural gas are supplied via a gas supply pipe line.

• Natural gas is lighter than air so it evaporates safely.

• Natural gas is made up of mostly methane, natural gas releases less pollutants into air

• Natural gas is extracted from earth and needs less processing

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