Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd is a natural gas reticulator based in Johannesburg and servicing more than 7 500 domestic, central water heating, commercial and industrial businesses in the Johannesburg area and offers environmentally-friendly, safe, reliable and energy-efficient natural gas.  Our commitment to your energy efficient, low carbon lifestyle ensures an uninterrupted flow of natural gas ready to use when it’s needed, safely.


Egoli Gas acquires natural gas from Sasol which is stored at a secure facility in Langlaagte where it is carefully monitored and controlled.  The gas is reticulated to Egoli Gas’ Cottesloe premises where it’s stored in low pressure holders before being reticulated to homes and businesses across the city.


For domestic use, Egoli Gas is located in many of the more established Johannesburg suburbs; however, the pipeline extends even further for our commercial and industrial customers.




Dating back to 1892, when a 30 metre gas pipeline was first installed in President street for street lighting purposes. Johannesburg has remained the only South African city with piped gas infrastructure.


Originally managed by the Johannesburg Council’s Department of Water and Gas which, from 1928, operated from Cottesloe, the City’s gas infrastructure relied on highly pollutant, hydrogen-rich coal based gas.  From 1952 to 1991 this gas was produced at the Cottesloe Gas Works.


In 1992, the Department then known as Metro Gas took the decision to cease production at the Cottesloe Gas Works and purchase its entire gas requirement from Sasol Gas.


In 1999, when the Council recognised the critical need for a massive capital injection into Metro Gas, the Egoli Gas Consortium (a joint venture between US-based Cinergy Global Power and Egoli Empowerment Holdings) bought Metro Gas in 2000.


The privatisation deal was concluded on 18 August 2000, a date that marks the founding of Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd.


During 2004 and 2005, the entire pipeline network as well as approximately 35 000 individual, gas fired pieces of equipment of consumers were successfully converted from hydrogen-rich coal based gas to methane rich, natural gas due to the change specification of gas by the supplier.  As such, Egoli Gas’ footprint extends to Midrand in the north to Orange Farm in the south and from Roodepoort in the west to Bruma in the east.

Reatile took up a 25% shareholding in Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd through Reatile Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reatile Resources in 2010.  July 2013 the company was sold to Reatile, Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd now falls under the Reatile Group umbrella which also owns a majority equity stake in Reatile Gaz (LPG).




To be a leading world class natural gas reticulation business, growing rapidly in our licensed area, whilst providing opportunities for all our stakeholders.




By being a competitive role player in the energy landscape

Offering value to our customers through

• Continuity of supply
• Consistent product quality
• Superior level of service

Applying technology to innovate

• An effective safe integrated gas pipeline
• Comprehensive and efficient information supplied to our customer from a business information system

Our employees as source and the most important asset while leveraging on our diversity to maximizing competitive advantage

Creating value for all our stakeholders





• Take responsibility for the impact of our actions on the environment and all stakeholders
• Deliver quality and efficient service
• Communicate openly, accurately and constructively to all concerned
• Demonstrate fairness, integrity and respect in all our dealings
• Create a sense of belonging in our stakeholders
• Recognize and reward excellence




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